About Me

I hail from the USA originally, have also lived in Japan and New Zealand, and I currently reside in Brazil. I am a travel junkie that has, in recent years, got around to visiting four or five continents multiple times per year. I love meeting great people and am obsessed with the steeper learning curve that naturally comes with international travel.

My academic background is in international relations, political science and economics, and although I enjoy reading widely, these are my primary areas of interest (albeit with a good dose of psychology). I am a proud graduate of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, a Research Associate for the Center for Market Education, and member of the Mont Pelerin Society — founded in 1947 by FA Hayek, who later went on to win the Nobel Prize in economics.

I have bios available online on the websites of the Pat Tillman Foundation, the American Institute for Economic Research, and the Center for Market Education.

My contact info is as follows:

  • If you cannot send PGP-encrypted email, send here: emilephaneuf@protonmail.com
  • If you can send PGP-encrypted email, send here: emilephaneuf@mailfence.com
    • Encrypt to my public key here.
    • Fingerprint: 32F1 30D4 52EE CA95 9B28 B205 EB7B BDDC 8D0B 1982
  • Or connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Nostr using my public key: npub1tevld5mas8tv37zpz038f29zqf9d0gevn34m6nkcr60athj8cxcqw0ga7g