My Work


  • Pré-História do Bitcoin
    A conversation with Brazilian youtuber Huberto Leal about my work on privately-issued digital currencies before Bitcoin (Portuguese language)


  • Fungibility and Cryptocurrencies
    In June 2020, I gave a webinar presentation for Blockchain New Zealand on fungibility as a property of money and a comparative analysis of various types of money historically: from seashells, to fiat, to gold, to cigarettes, to fiat, and of course, cryptocurrencies.

  • In addition, I have given presentations to various organizations in Spain, Nigeria and the United States on work that I have done on the subject of rationality in economics.


Here are a few articles I have written, some with abstracts and some without. They include outlets in Brazil, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, and Spain. In addition to the below content, I also currently write weekly cryptocurrency and Blockchain analytical newsletters for Brave New Coin (BNC), which are also published on the BNC website.

  • Hayek and Bitcoin
    April, 2023 – «American Institute for Economic Research»
    This article was also republished by «MSN» here and was called “Recommended reading” by American economist Lawrence H. White, who spent his career studying private currencies.

  • Economic Lockdowns Kill People–Yes Literally
    May, 2020 – «Foundation for Economic Education»
    As the title suggests, I explain how shutting down the planet as a reaction to COVID literally kills people – something political leaders around the world seem to be all too happy to ignore. Making a decision to not shut down an economy isn’t merely trading lives in favor of economy. In fact, in both cases (both without lockdowns and with lockdowns), the trade-offs involve the loss of human lives.
    This article was also republished by a South African gay men’s magazine called «Gay Pages» here, published in Spanish by «FEE en Español» here, in Italian by «Istituto Bruno Leoni» here, and in Portuguese by «Jornal Hora Extra» here.

  • Politicians, immigration and the God complex
    October, 2018 – «National Business Review»
    Here I provide an analysis of Australia and NZ’s immigration laws through the lens of Hayek’s knowledge problem. (Content behind paywall but can be accessed for free by creating free account).

  • A few of my articles are published on The New Zealand Initiative’s blog. For example, here, here and here.

  • International Relations Glossary in Portuguese and Spanish
    July, 2013 – Formerly published on «» and «». Content now published here on my own website.
    For IR scholars and students who also happen to be “latinoamericanistas,” this list of translations of IR terms in all three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) serves as a great resource.

  • Sowell’s Visions
    December, 2013 – «Foundation for Economic Education»
    In this article I summarize Thomas Sowell’s book A Conflict of Visions and Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate and explain the importance of understanding the concepts of opposing world visions when discussing often controversial topics such as economics and politics.