About Me

I hail from the USA originally but currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a travel junkie that has, in recent years, got around to visiting four or five continents multiple times per year. In less than a decade and a half I have seen more of the world than most will ever in a lifetime. I love meeting great people and am obsessed with the steeper learning curve that naturally comes with international travel. When I explain this to some people who have not traveled I sometimes get blank stares or a question about what it is exactly that I learn from traveling. The answer to that is simple: EVERYTHING! You name it! I think Saint Augustine summed this up quite nicely:

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

A few of my interests include: Economics, philosophy, foreign languages, human behavioral sciences, business, negotiation, new technologies, history, a wide variety of music genres (particularly folkloric), mixed martial arts, mountain biking and, of course, reading. Feel free to email me at emilephaneuf (at) mailfence.com or connect with me on LinkedIn. To communicate with me securely, please use my PGP public key.